All clear: Discarded ‘beeping’ medical device caused Boone Meadow Elementary School evacuation


Boone Meadow Elementary School, at 5555 S Main St. in Whitestown, was evacuated prior to the start of the school day April 13 because of a suspicious object beeping in a trash can in the front of the school. 

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Bomb Squad arrived at 8:30 a.m. and concluded that discarded diabetic medical device created the beeping sound.

“After a long, extended time, IMPD’s bomb division came and determined through X-rays and their technicians that the device was a diabetic meter that was beeping,” Boone County Sheriff Tony Harris said. “Our deputy (Boone Meadow Elementary School’s school resource officer) that was at the school, had told us that he heard multiple beeps and then a long tone.” 

Harris said that was when they evacuated the school and sent the students to a safe area away from the school.

“When we sent our officers in to make sure no one was in the school,” Harris said. 

Zionsville Community Schools Supt. Rebecca Coffman lauded the “swift actions” or first responders that included the Boone County Sheriff’s Dept., Zionsville Police Dept., Whitestown Police Dept. and Zionsville and Whitestown police departments.

“We live in an area where every day we have prevention and response,” Coffman said. “The students that were on-site as well as the staff who were present prior to the school day were evacuated, and students who were en route to school via our buses were taken to another location (Zionsville West Middle School).” 

Coffman said parents were kept informed throughout the morning as the investigation was underway. Students were sent home for the day, but the school will reopen April 14.