Fishers business offers an array of cryotherapy treatments


Lori Allbright is the founder of Fishers Cryotherapy. She has run the business at 11789 Commercial Dr. since 2019.

Allbright was introduced to cryotherapy in 2014 when she sought treatment for her son, who was 11 at the time. She said he pulled a part a growth plate in his shoulder while playing baseball.

“He was constantly in pain,” she said. “So instead of drugging him, we found cryotherapy.”

As a treatment, cryotherapy is the process of manipulating the body’s temperature to trigger its natural defense mechanisms, Allbright said.

 “Going from room temperature to negative temperature, your body immediately thinks it’s in trouble and it needs to protect itsel,” Allbright said.

For treatments, patients step into a cryochamber filled with freezing air. In response, the blood vessels narrow, and the body’s surface layer blood is pulled to the core. The body receives more oxygen, nutrients, enzymes and can increase white blood cells, Allbright said.

Allbright said the treatments were effective for her son and for herself when she recovered from fasciectomy surgeries on both of her legs. 

“I have compartment syndrome in both my lower legs,” she said. “My feet would go numb, my legs would kind of swell up and it was just painful.”

After cold treatment, she said she could walk without pain an no longer suffers migraines during storms.

“One day it rained after cryotherapy, and I had no idea it was going to happen,” she said. “I had no idea that was a byproduct of doing cryotherapy or could be.” 

Marcus Clancy, owner of Providence Star Academy Martial Arts Academy in Indianapolis, has been going to Fishers Cryotherapy for a year and is a fan of the treatments.

“(Allbright’s) personality is always the same. Like, ‘Wow, you’re really nurturing. You really care about this,’ and she told me her story,’” Clancy said of his first visit. “I came back the next day.”