Crumbl Cookies brings rotating variety of flavors to west Carmel


Tyson Barrett first became acquainted with Crumbl Cookies when he was living in Utah.

His brother, who has an ambulance business in Indianapolis, suggested opening a franchise in Indiana.

“I moved from Salt Lake City once we bought into the brand,” Barrett said. “The thing that drew us is (at the shop) there would be lines of people until 11:30 at night.”

The state’s newest Crumbl Cookies opened at 9873 N. Michigan Rd., Suite 130-B, Carmel, in October. The hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday. The store is closed Sunday.

Barrett, 28, and Spencer Hanks, who is based in California, are the primary co-owners. Barrett’s brother, Chad, is a silent partner. Barrett, who lives in Fishers and Columbus, Ohio, runs operations for stores in Indiana and Ohio. Previously a store opened in January at 2446 E. 146th St. in Westfield’s in Cool Creek Commons, which borders Carmel. The partners also own stores in Fishers, Indianapolis and Greenwood, and three stores in Ohio.

“The rotating menu is the most unique thing, as there are five new flavors every week,” Barrett said. “You are tuning in every Sunday (on Instagram) to see what flavors will be next week. You go every week to make sure you don’t have the fear of missing out on one flavor.”

Chocolate chip cookies are standard offerings. The shop offers five other cookie flavors each week. Barrett said there are 200 flavors on the menu that Crumbl Cookies rotates through.

“There are some flavors we do once and they are never on the menu ever again,” he said.

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