Broadband access to expand to underserved areas in Hamilton County


The Hamilton County Commissioners and Invest Hamilton County have worked to bring $9 million in broadband access to nearly 3,600 underserved homes, businesses and rural areas across the county. Funding for the project comes from various federal, state and private sources used to extend high speed and fiber optic internet access.

The Broadband Task Force, a group of stakeholders who represent agriculture, education, health, business, economic development and local leadership, works to direct broadband connectivity issues in Hamilton County using mapping information and analysis from government advisors.

“Commissioners Altman, Dillinger, and I are pleased with the efforts of the county to get broadband to more residents than ever before,” Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt stated. “The work done by Invest Hamilton County and our Broadband Taskforce has positioned us to successfully receive grants from federal, state, and private sources both now and in the future. While we are pleased by the progress made, we understand there is much more work ahead of us to get broadband connectivity to as many residents as possible.”

Broadband Taskforce officials said there are a couple tests residents can run to help attract investment to underserved areas.

The first is the Indiana Farm Bureau Speed Test, which can be accessed at The test allows residents to determine current internet speeds at their location and provide data to ensure the area can be eligible for upcoming broadband grants and access.

The other test is the Indiana Connectivity Program that can be performed at The test is designed to provide faster grant funding to smaller neighborhoods or those who live just outside providers areas of coverage. Twelve locations have been served through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs’ Indiana Connectivity Program. Residents and businesses are encouraged to sign up for the OCRA’s program to apply to receive grant funds.