Fishers Nickel Plate Review Committee approves shipping container home


Construction of a unique shipping container home was approved Sept. 28 by the Fishers Nickel Plate Review Committee. The project is a 2,260-square foot-home to be built at 11405 Lantern Rd. using repurposed shipping containers.

Final changes to an initial rendering included adjustments to the rear facade, which were originally proposed to have shipping container doors. Now, the rendering has wood accent doors and additional windows on the third floor.

The project has gone through many renovations since it was first proposed at the July 23 Nickel Plate District meeting. Most notably, wood accents were added, and the amount of steel initially proposed was reduced to make the home fit more aesthetically within the neighborhood at the corner of Lantern Road in the Village Center neighborhood.

After completion, property owner Joe Nixon – owner of Joe Nixon Properties — plans on renting the home out as an Airbnb. However, at the Sept. 28 meeting, he said if the home were to be sold, it would sell for a similar price per square foot as other homes in the neighborhood. He estimates it would sell for between $650,000 and $750,000.

“We think adding some of the (new back facade) features will make it look less like a shipping container and more like a home,” Megan Vukusich, Fishers director of planning and zoning, said at the Sept. 28 meeting.

Construction of the home is expected to start as soon as possible, Nixon said.

(I’m) happy to get approval,” Nixon said. “I’m not sure exactly on timeline but will be trying to get (the project) going as soon as possible.”