Volunteers with wells needed for water availability study


By Jillian Kurtz

The Hamilton County Surveyor’s Office is in need of volunteers who use wells to help provide information for a water availability study.

AA COM 0906 Water Availability Study
A sensor installed on a well. The sensor will measure the well’s water levels throughout the year as a part of Hamilton County’s water availability study. (Photo courtesy of Kenton Ward)

The three-year study is the first of its kind in Indiana. Through the study, Hamilton County aims to better understand its water supply and ensure water availability for future generations and potential development.

“We need to know where all the water is,” County Surveyor Kenton Ward said. “We already know that we have a huge aquifer that runs along White River. As Hamilton County develops, if there’s no water there, we can’t put people there. This is another thing that will help us develop differently in some areas.”

Volunteers will have a sensor installed on their well, measuring and tracking water levels throughout the next three years. The laser beam sensor does not interfere with the functioning of the well.

“We have some areas that we still need to fill in,” Ward said. “The northern area of the county is a little sparse, especially in the northeastern section in White River Township, the northwestern section in Adams Township and the Geist area. If we could get some volunteers up there, that’d be great.”

Well owners will be able to get access to their well’s data throughout the study.

Ward said a full group of 50 volunteers is needed to start the study by the end of 2022. Those interested can contact the Hamilton County Surveyor’s Office at 317-776-8495 or email [email protected].