Opinion: A really Kool conversation


Please enjoy the most recent car “conversation” between me and legendary funk band Kool & The Gang.

Kool: “Celebrate good times, come on!”

Me: “Thank you! How did you know my husband Doo and I had reached the momentous milestone of empty nest status?”

Kool: “There’s a party going on right here! A celebration, to last throughout the years.”

Me: “Yes, yes indeed. And though I wouldn’t call toasting ourselves with cheap André Brut in paper cups an actual party, there was definitely a festive vibe. I mean, we’ve had a least one child in the house for almost a quarter of a century. Dropping our youngest at Purdue felt like the beginning of something truly wonderful.”

Kool: “So bring your good times and your laughter too!”

Me: “Done! We even allowed ourselves a few ‘Whoop, whoops!’ and ‘Hallelujahs’ when we drove off, quite literally into the sunset. And surprisingly, neither of us was teary. Sure, I’d gone a bit misty when her older siblings were freshmen, probably because we’d abandoned one in a vegan-only, non-air conditioned dorm in Bloomington, and the other two in lands far, far away (Colorado and California), but she is our fourth little chick to fly the coop, and she was so genuinely happy to be starting her college chapter that we couldn’t help but share in her joy.”

Kool: “We gonna celebrate your party with you!”

Me: “Please do! We’d love to commemorate this occasion with anyone and everyone. We have absolutely zero kid obligations in the foreseeable future and are no longer triggering overdraft protection with excessive Meijer runs.”

Kool: “Yahoo!”

Me: “And yahoo to you!”

Peace out.