Carmel-based Aglow offers spray tans in store, at homes


It was a “light-bulb moment” during a haircut that led Torey Linder to decide to open a mobile spray tanning business.

CIC DOUGH 0830 Aglow
Torey Linder offers spray tan services. (Photo courtesy of Torey Linder)

“Self-tanning was my go-to pick-me-up during a dark time (postpartum depression), so I did my research and (learned) not very many people had business like this in the area, it wasn’t too expensive to start and I knew spray tanning was trending with more people becoming aware of how harsh the sun is to our skin,” said Linder, who owns Aglow Spray Tanning. “So, I jumped at the opportunity and got certified. I wanted to start mobile because being a stay-at-home mom myself, I didn’t have time to leave the house to go get a spray tan or anything done for myself without getting a sitter for my daughter, and that was a lot of work for just a spray tan.”

Linder also knew there were other people in similar situations who could use a mood boost from a spray tan but couldn’t make it to a salon.

“Mobile was the perfect way for busy women and men to fit a spray tan into naptime or while the kids played around us while they got their service,” Linder said.

Linder had previously opened a store to offer spray tans but had to shut it down after the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“I had to rebuild my business all over again and that took time, and I wasn’t sure how my clientele would react to having to come to me, because I know how convenient coming to them was,” she said. “So, I held off (on opening another store) until I got so busy that I was completely booked, but depending on where everyone was located, a fully booked day could have been nine, maybe 10 clients. With travel to and from clients, plus actual appointment time, I was capping myself out at how many appointments a day I could do.”

So, she opened a salon at 10255 Commerce Dr., Suite 246, in Carmel. Having her own space cut down on travel time and allows Linder to see clients every 25 minutes.

Linder still offers mobile appointments two days a week and has hired a spray tan tech to fill more mobile appointments and increase availability.

“Mobile is the most convenient way to get any service nowadays, and I know how important it is to feel good about yourself,” she said. “I don’t want anyone to miss out because they have to come to me. I also know how busy life gets and just want to make people’s lives a little easier.”

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