New Fishers business focuses on stretching


A growing company focused on stretching, opened its doors in Fishers Aug. 8. Stretch Zone was founded in 2004 and has over 200 locations across the U.S., including one in Carmel and one in Zionsville.

The new facility in Fishers is at 11398 Olio Rd.

Stretch Zone “is a practitioner-assisted stretching method that enhances individual’s quality of life and movement efficiency,” according to Ben Smith, owner of the Fishers location. The company helps people 40 and older who might not get as much stretching in as they used to as well as high school, college and professional athletes. The company’s focus is to help people stretch properly without further injury.

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“The world we live in now is with that longevity, as you age, as you get older, you don’t stretch,” Smith said. “And more importantly, if you do stretch, you don’t stretch properly. And the stretches that we do, you can’t really do by yourself, so it’s very important to have qualified, trained practitioners to do this.”

Smith has opened 10 Stretch Zones with his former Purdue University football teammates and business partners Jason Loerzel and former NFL quarterback Drew Brees. They own six facilities in Louisiana, one in Chicago and one each in Fishers, Carmel and Zionsville.

The business partners originally got the idea from Brees, who heard about Stretch Zone while playing for the New Orleans Saints. They met with the CEO Tony Zaccario and founder Jordan Gold in San Diego and were instantly impressed with Gold’s methods and patented Stretch Zone Stabilization System, which Smith said helps practitioners use straps to assist with stretching and act as an extra set of hands.

Stretch Zone in Fishers will conduct a grand-opening celebration Aug. 31 from 9 to 11 a.m. The owners will then visit the Carmel location from noon to 2 p.m. and then the Zionsville location from 3 to 5 p.m. to present a check to the Light for Levi Foundation, which was started after 18-month-old twins fell in a pool in 2020, leaving one of the siblings, Levi, with a traumatic brain injury.

Stretch Zone is helping match funds raised for the Light for Levi Foundation and bring awareness to his family and their foundation.