Letter: Torr the better choice for District 39



Until the arrival in my mailbox of the Aug. 16 Current in Carmel, I’d never heard of Democrat Matt McNally (candidate for state representative District 39).

That evening I received a push poll phone call for Mr. McNally which made many untruthful statements about the recent passage of the pro-life bill and State Rep. Jerry Torr.

The caller would make outlandish negative claims about Torr. When I’d respond that my support for Torr would not change, the caller made even more outrageous negative statements.

In the Aug. 16 edition of Current, a Reader’s View letter praised McNally as being one who is thoughtful and will work with Republicans. Based on the negativity of McNally’s push poll, neither characteristic was on display.

McNally may have served in the military, but his recent push poll does not reflect the character he should represent for his service. McNally’s push poll was debasing, shortsighted and evidentiary of a lack of moral sensibility.

All not worthy of someone seeking elective office.

As for Jerry Torr, he is, clearly, the better choice.

Sherm Johnson, Carmel