Letter: Grateful for those who chose life



After viewing Tim Campbell’s not-so-funny “Currentoon” in a recent issue of Current, I am compelled to share my thoughts on pro-life matters.

My name is William (Bill). My deceased wife’s name is Patricia (Pat). I am the father of four children and grandfather of eight children. I am forever grateful to Nancy, Kathie, Pam and Janet for their decisions to protect the life of their unborn children and to allow at that time an unknown couple to adopt and raise them as their own. I thank God for giving them the strength to make that decision. If it were not for those decisions, Pat and I would not have enjoyed the benefits of having a family, and more than that, four innocent lives would have been tragically terminated.

Please, please protect the right-to-life of the unborn and provide the support so needed by those who choose life over death.

William T. Mayer, Carmel