Letter: Wait until it’s clear to cross



As a frequent walker, I would like to provide tips for people driving through multi-lane roundabouts when a pedestrian is waiting to cross.

Although it might seem helpful to stop and motion for the pedestrian to enter the roundabout’s crosswalk, that action could actually endanger a life. Just because your vehicle has stopped in the lane next to the pedestrian, that doesn’t mean drivers in the other lane will stop. In fact, your vehicle is probably blocking other drivers from being able to see that a pedestrian is in the roundabout, thus making it more likely that other drivers will keep going as the pedestrian walks directly into their lane.

My recommendation to drivers: Don’t stop to let pedestrians enter multi-lane roundabouts. My recommendation to walkers: Wait until no cars are approaching before attempting to use the crosswalks at multi-lane roundabouts. If a driver stops to let you cross, smile and shake your head, “No thanks.”

Sally Herrholz, Carmel