Letter: Moms for Liberty supports age-appropriate books in schools



The Current is unfortunately (again) publishing false accusations directed toward nonprofit organizations, although any press is good press (even fake information published under “Readers’ Views”). Moms for Liberty-Hamilton County appreciates the opportunity to expose and address the explicit books found in our school libraries and classrooms (yes, most schools and classrooms to varying degrees in Hamilton County and in Indiana).

Moms for Liberty at the national and Hamilton County chapter level supports age-appropriate books in school libraries and classrooms. We believe it is the right of the parent, not the school, to determine what are age-appropriate books. So, when teachers are assigning books at Carmel High School that include sexually explicit scenes which one could not read aloud in public – it’s not appropriate for the classroom. Or when Carmel school libraries offer books tagged “Sex Instruction for Children” or “Sex Instruction for Teenagers,” most decent parents would find these books objectionable, also. The government should leave questionable books out of school libraries and classrooms and let parents decide whether to offer them at home.

As a society, what has happened when we cannot agree on protecting children’s developing minds? We do not allow children access to movies rated for explicit content, to alcohol or smoking, because as a society we agree children are not ready for these activities. These sexually graphic materials are not appropriate for all children, so why should all children have unrestricted access in schools? We challenge our school districts to do what is best for all children immediately.

Michelle Stewart-Ball, Moms for Liberty – Hamilton County