Westfield owner seeks to grow online hair care products


Angela Constable’s goal is to continue to spread the word about her online business of hair care products.

The Westfield resident, who recently received her minority women’s small business certificate, started Majesty Hair Care in 2009. Her first product was the Majesty Radiant Shine Therapy spray.

“I work with a chemist. I tell him what I want my products to do,” Constable said. “I use the products and then we tweak it and send it back and say we need to do this and this, so we collaborate together to create Majesty Hair Care products. What is significant to my line of products is noni berry abstract, which is my key ingredient. It’s a powerful preservative, so it helps the hair and skin in many different ways, but especially with the abuse we do to our hair.”

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Angela Constable holds her Majesty Hair Care products. (Photo courtesy of Majesty Hair Care)

Constable, who has a private salon in Indianapolis, said the business decided to expand the line in recent years, developing more products in 2019. During the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown in 2020, Constable said she had more time to work on her online business.

Her other three products are a moisturizing shampoo, a moisturizing conditioner and a noni miracle mist.

“The products are mainly for hydration, moisturizing and they are for many different hair types, whether it’s natural hair, curly or straight hair,” Constable said. “Men and women can use the products.”

All her social media platforms are labeled as Majesty Hair Care. Her daughter, Keyera Constable, a Fishers resident, manages the social media and marketing content for Majesty Hair Care. Keyera’s video and social media company is called K.E.Y.E Creatives. Fishers-based Swallow Consulting Services provides business advice.

Constable said during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, she began offering free personalized consultations virtually for people who could not meet in person.

“That helps me spread the understanding about hair care and I do a monthly newsletter for hair consultation,” she said.

Constable plans to offer discounted specials on her products during Black Business Month in August.

For more, visit majestyhaircare.com. The products also are available on amazon.com.