Man arrested for car theft in Fishers


In the early morning of July 15, Fishers Police Dept. officers arrested a man in Fishers for vehicle theft.

Roman Menossi, 20, of Fishers was arrested and charged with two counts of theft “A” misdemeanors and two counts of unauthorized entry into a vehicle, “B” misdemeanors. Menossi is being held at the Hamilton County Jail.

Fishers police were alerted to the 13900 block of Wimbleton Way at 3 a.m. July 15 on a report of a suspicious man near a resident’s home. Upon arrival, police spotted a vehicle driving away. After stopping the vehicle, police observed a woman’s purse and handgun in the vehicle.

The investigation later revealed that the man had broken into multiple vehicles, stealing property from two. Police were able to return the stolen property.

FPD is reminding residents to keep all items of value, especially firearms, out of unattended vehicles.