Spark Buttons return with promo card for local deals 


Button ClearBkgrndAfter a two-year hiatus, Spark Buttons are back. 

The light-up buttons, which help fund the fireworks at CarmelFest, haven’t been sold since before the COVID-19 pandemic began. This year’s theme is “Be A Spark in Our Community.” 

Jeff Worrell, a longtime CarmelFest volunteer who coordinates the Spark Button program, said the buttons help people who purchase them feel more connected to the event. Many who buy Spark Buttons are repeat customers. 

“I’ve got parents that come up to me who say, ‘We’re back! We’ve been buying these all these years,’” Worrell said. 

Spark Buttons cost $10, and – instead of a collection of paper coupons as in previous years – come with a promo card loaded with coupons and deals from local merchants, such as a free mug and discounts on meals and lawn services. Participating merchants will display a Spark Button decal in their window and will honor the deal upon presentation of the promo card. 

Most Spark Button promo card deals are valid July 1 to Dec. 31. 

Spark Buttons can be purchased at All Things Carmel, 110 W. Main St., the Carmel Farmers’ Market and concerts at the gazebo near City Hall through July 4. All Things Carmel will also sell Spark shirts and stickers, both of which are new offerings this year. 

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