Column: It’s a wrap: Kitchen storage issues solved


Commentary by Bill Bernard

We recently had the opportunity to help one of our homeowners transform the look of their kitchen. They wanted to improve the amount of storage within their kitchen and elevate the overall look of the space. One corner of the original kitchen layout included a base cabinet adjacent to the refrigerator. As is often the case, the exposed side of the refrigerator became the repository for all manner of magnets and takeout menus. The top of the adjacent base cabinet had become the family “drop-zone,” and inside the cabinet were a variety of odds and ends.

Part of our solution to upgrade the kitchen was to wrap the refrigerator with cabinetry, so that the standard depth French-door refrigerator ends up looking built-in. We replaced the adjacent base cabinet with a full-height pantry cabinet. We outfitted the pantry cabinet with multiple rollout trays to facilitate access to all of the contents within. The new cabinets now extend to the ceiling, and we eliminated the former dust-catching shorter wall cabinets.

When you combine the sophisticated look of the new cabinets, vastly improved storage options and a gorgeous new floor, the result is a kitchen that is poised to serve the needs of this family for years to come.

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