Letter: Hold elected representatives responsible 



Our elected federal representatives have been failing us for many years. Consider just two examples of this failure: national debt and border security. Twenty-five years ago, these were relatively small, resolvable problems. Today, due to long-term irresponsible neglect by both Democrat and Republican leadership, these problems are overwhelming and threaten the security and sovereignty of the nation. National debt is growing exponentially, and, since early 2021, hundreds of thousands of people are invading our country each and every month.

As though these two major problems are not enough, we must now add soaring inflation, baby food shortages, restricted domestic oil production, increasing civil disobedience, rising international threats and a weakened military to the list of federal government failures. Clearly, the trend is toward more and more government failures, which bodes badly for the future. All this makes a person wonder, what next?

It is time for all American citizens to hold our elected representatives responsible. Remember, they work for us; we do not work for them. We must demand that our elected representatives operate in the best interests of the country, protect its citizens, enforce the rule of law and operate within the provisions of the United States Constitution.

Call, write and email your representatives now and let them know your expectations. Do it now and do it frequently. Our personal freedoms and our democracy are in serious jeopardy. The silent majority must stand up and speak up now.

Question corruption and misleading or plain false information.

Hans Collins, Carmel