Column: Enlivening courtyard living


Commentary by Bill Bernard

I have always been intrigued by courtyard spaces and the wonderful micro-environments they provide.

Our homeowner came to us wanting to enliven their courtyard. Time had taken its toll on the space. The concrete slab had done what all concrete slabs are guaranteed to do … crack. An attempt had been made to adorn the center of the space with brick pavers, but the size of the paver portion wasn’t quite big enough to make a strong visual impact. Overall, the space had lost its spark.

Our solution was to remove all the concrete and brick pavers and replace them with large-format pavers. The pavers have a variegated color to complement the stone on the walls of the courtyard. The new focal point is large natural stone boulder that has been artfully modified to incorporate a fire feature. The new fire feature is surrounded by comfortable seating with vibrantly colored cushions. The perimeter of the space is accented with equally vibrant planters with ever-blooming annuals.

Sometimes, all it takes is just a few creative strokes to transform a space from drab to vibrant. The courtyard is no longer just a space to pass through. It’s now a place to pause and enjoy.

Stay home, be moved.