Opinion: Becoming socially acceptable


Fans, I’ve accomplished the impossible. I attended two social events in a row, on the same day. Voluntarily. I know! Me! The introvert who can’t wait for her last kid to fly the coop and lives for boring, quiet Saturdays. The gal whose dream vacation is a solo trip to a B-grade Caribbean all-inclusive for Eastern Europeans who don’t speak English. Truly unbelievable! Here’s what happened.

The first get-together wasn’t technically a big deal for me. I met up with two women whom I’ve known for almost 30 years, introduced by our now spouses, a trio of former high school besties. Over quesadillas and margaritas, we laughed, reminisced and compared the latest in our aging bodies’ ailments, with wrinkly neck skin and pre-cancerous “freckles” topping the list. I don’t go out often (see first paragraph), but when I do, lazy lunches with friends are usually enjoyable.

The second, however, surprised even me. My husband Doo and I were invited last minute to a local Irish pub to hang with our old neighbors and celebrate bag-piping firemen (or something like that). Initially, I was a hard pass, knowing that a crazy bar with loud humans was exactly the opposite of what I’d want after my ladies’ date, but after leaving the restaurant, I figured, why not? Everyone cheered when I arrived, including Doo, though he lost a bet because I actually showed. I only stayed an hour and fake-sipped a shot of Jameson, but I did it! I survived a boisterous crowd on a rainy afternoon with strange men walking around in kilts and only one working toilet.

Look at me being social! Twice in one day.

Peace out.