Column: Stairway to luxurious living space


Commentary by Bill Bernard

When the owners purchased this home, they had the intention of opening up the various living spaces to support a more modern style of living.

The existing stairway presented a hurdle. It consumed a large area that protruded into the main living space and made furniture placement difficult, if not impossible. The overall look of the stair did not support the more modern aesthetic our homeowners were hoping to achieve. The stair was constructed of heavily detailed newels and balusters. The steps were wrapped with wall-to-wall carpet and led rather uninspiringly to the basement.

In response to this conundrum, we reconfigured the stair creating a clean, simple, linear stairway that glanced past the exterior wall and defined the edge of the living space. The space is defined by a custom glass railing and accented by a decorative light fixture artfully suspended above the stairway. We also updated the look of the stair by finishing the treads and risers with stained wood and a carpet runner. All the stained trim was replaced with painted trim that doesn’t detract from the colorful artwork mounted on the walls.

The new stair creates an elegant transition to the lower-level entertainment space and ultimately to the backyard.

Stay home, be moved.