Chair of rebranded Unify Carmel PAC self-proclaimed ‘Maximum Leader’ of right-wing philosophical website


Unify Carmel has rebranded itself as New Tomorrow and named as its chairperson a longtime member of the group who previously remained behind the scenes.

The controversial group recently became a political action committee, and on March 4 it updated its filing with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office to change its name to New Tomorrow and list Charles Haywood as its chairperson.

Haywood declined to comment on his ties to Unify Carmel when reached by phone.

“I don’t have any time to talk about that, and I’m not interested in talking about it,” he said. He did not respond to a second request for an interview.

Online, however, Haywood describes himself as the “Maximum Leader” of his website, The Worthy House, as well as the founder of foundationalism, an applied political philosophy that he foresees reshaping society after a coming government collapse. He sees “autonomic liberalism” as the source of all of society’s problems, and he writes that foundationalism’s first act will be to destroy it.

Among hundreds of posts on The Worthy House, Haywood, a Carmel resident, writes that the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol was “pretty awesome in every way,” that it is rare that a woman working outside the home “makes, through her employment, a significant contribution to advancing society” and that there should be a “permanent denial of civil rights, such as political participation” for some on the left once their “nasty ideology” is “permanently discredited.”

Haywood is a former lawyer-turned-entrepreneur who founded Mansfield-King, which manufactures aerosol and liquid personal care products. He sold the business in 2020, making him “rich beyond the dreams of avarice and looking to cause trouble,” according to his website. Several people formerly associated with Unify Carmel said that Haywood provided much of the funding for the group’s efforts.

Unify Carmel/New Tomorrow bills itself as seeking a return to academic excellence in Carmel Clay Schools but is perhaps best known for its controversial tactics at school board meetings and on social media. For example, members of the group continuously interrupted and spoke over the CCS school board as it attempted to conduct a meeting in September 2021, which led to the district banning the public from attending school board meetings for more than two months.

Haywood is also associated with an organization called the Society for American Civic Renewal, which shares a PO Box with Unify Carmel/New Tomorrow. According to its website, SACR’s vision includes “raising accountable leaders to help build thriving communities of free citizens, who will reclaim a humane vision of society while rebuilding the frontier-conquering spirit of America.” Membership in the group, which also has a chapter in Dallas, is by invitation only.

According to the Indiana Secretary of State’s INBiz database, Haywood is listed as the director of the Society for American Civic Renewal.

Alvin Lui, the previous chairperson of Unify Carmel, did not respond to requests for comment. In a previous interview, Lui declined to release the names of the founders and board members of Unify Carmel.