Candidates vie for Indiana House District 25 seat


Four candidates are vying for the Republican nomination in the May 3 primary for the newly created Indiana House District 25 seat. Becky Cash and Douglas Rapp recently answered the following questions for Current. Candidates Matthew Whetstone and Kent Abernathy responded to questions in the March 8 edition of Current in Zionsville.

Becky Cash headshot

Name:  Becky Cash

Age: 47

Education: Bachelor of Arts and Sciences from Bowling Green State University in 1998, Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health in 2016

Occupation: Small Business owner

City of residence: Zionsville

Immediate family: Married 23 years to Chris Cash, five daughters and one son

Previous political experience:  I have spent the past 16 years fighting for the rights of individuals and families in Indiana by meeting with legislators, testifying at the State House (Statehouse) on multiple occasions and collaborating with local organizations.

Why do you want to run for office?: Running for office is obviously a big decision. I have been on the outside fighting for the rights of families and individuals for many years. I have come to realize that we need a new generation of leaders that will not just say the right thing but do the right thing for the people of Indiana, especially those in District 25.

What are your qualifications for this office?: What qualifies me the most comes from being in the trenches, every day. I give voice to those who need it. I do the hard work even when those in power push back. I believe that the people of our district deserve somebody with knowledge and persistence who will fight for them even when it is not popular.

What are the top 3 issues that your campaign will focus on?:

  • Individual rights: We must protect the right of each individual Hoosier to make the decisions that are best for themselves and their children. This includes the ability to make individualized medical decisions without government intrusion.
  • Parental voice in education: Parents have the right to have a voice in their children’s education, whether they choose public or private schooling. I support school choice dollars which ensure that all children in Indiana can receive the education that is best for them.
  • Sustainable and successful mental health programs: We must prioritize resources and services that address our mental health issues. We must look at all creative options to meet the needs of both our young people and adults. We can do this while maintaining a balanced budget.

What sets you apart from other candidates for this office?:

I’m not part of the system. I have spent my adult life fighting for those that do not have a voice. I have been in the trenches when it comes to medical freedom, parental rights, our foster care system, our insufficient and deficient mental health system, and education rights. I know how to fight for the people of Indiana, and I am willing to do so.

How long have you lived in your district?: 16 years

What other organizations are you involved with?: Stand for Health Freedom, Liberty Defense, Boone County Republican Women, St. Alphonsus Parish, Right to Life, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Founding board member for Saint Ambrose Academy          

Something most people don’t know about you?: I have six children, four of whom have special and medical needs. I have worked hard to help individual families get the mental health care that they need.

Something you want people to know about you?: I am a happily married woman, with a beautiful family. There are many things I could be doing at this time but there is nothing more important than securing the rights and safety of individuals and families of our district and the state of Indiana. I truly believe that if we do not fight now, Hoosier freedoms are at stake.

Website or best way for voters to reach you?: Visit and [email protected]

CIZ COM 0322 Cash Rapp QA

Name: Doug Rapp

Age: 55

Education: (Bachelor’s degree, graphic design, Indiana University; master’s degree in business, Indiana Wesleyan University; pursuing doctorate in information security through Purdue University

Occupation: Vice president of training and education at NineTwelve Institute

City of residence: Zionsville

Immediate family: Urban Rapp, 23, and Jade Rapp, 30

Previous political experience: None

Why do you want to run for office?: For years, I have listened to my neighbors and friends being frustrated and disappointed with how politics has turned into a profession, how candidates use fear and exaggeration to garner votes, and how candidates regurgitate the same tired talking points. They want real people, who live in the everyday world to represent them. People who understand the life of the average person. It’s time to return politics to regular people.

What are your qualifications for this office?: Which of your readers isn’t qualified? Our system of government was founded on the participation of the common person. It is a myth that representing your neighbors requires some intricate knowledge of the back hallways at the Statehouse. A myth that professional politicians want you to believe. The fact is that our government is a well-established bureaucracy that anyone can learn. Anyone who has started a new job has learned a new system. What is important is character, connection to the people you represent, and a willingness to put yourself through the campaign process to get to a place where you can make a difference.

What are the top 3 issues that your campaign will focus on?:

  • Government needs to return to what it was intended to do. We should stop injecting social experimentation into our laws and support core functions like providing protection and supporting businesses.
  • We should enable our teachers, schools, and parents so that we can give our children a competitive foundation in facts. Despite our flaws, we live in the best system of government in the world because we are continuously reflecting on where we came from and commit to doing better. We should be proud of that.
  • Indiana handles its finances well. We should always strive to do better. Government should only tax the people for the money that it needs in order to provide for the citizenry. It should stay out of the pockets of the citizenry and return anything that it doesn’t need. Times are difficult for a lot of people and they need the money that they worked for.

What sets you apart from other candidates for this office?: I believe that the political industry should be changed so that the average person can take part in our government. You shouldn’t have to be a political insider, be independently wealthy, or play on the fear of the people to get elected.

How long have you lived in your district?: 14 years.

What other organizations are you involved with?: I am a joiner, so I will try to save you some space. I am involved with numerous Veteran organizations, but I am probably most active in Team Rubicon. I am a proud Mason and enjoy volunteering wherever people most need my effort.

Something most people don’t know about you?: I am a decorated combat veteran who worked his way up from the lowest private to be selected for a direct commission into the infantry. I led America’s sons and daughters in direct combat twice in Iraq. I have worked in economic development, and I have started, built and pivoted companies. I have spent a lifetime doing – not talking.

Something you want people to know about you?: I will not apologize for insisting on good leadership regardless of your party. America was founded on leadership and deserves nothing less.

Website or best way for voters to reach you?: [email protected].