Letter: Do Carmel residents still value free speech?



The sentiments pouring in to Current with regard to the paid advertisement by Unify Carmel miss the mark on free speech. Leveling the charge against the organization that it seeks to bully people into silence is a bit extreme and is that reader’s opinion.

That some readers might be in favor of silencing Unify Carmel because of some undefined “cancel culture” is itself suspect. Free speech can be offensive. Our First Amendment right is eroded if we don’t allow a paid advertisement because someone might find it offensive.

One reader suggestion is to make use of a fact checker. How does one fact check an opinion or point of view? Where does this end? I think we’re treading into dangerous territory if opposing points of view are not allowed to be presented. Readers can decide for themselves what is propaganda and what is not.

Sam Barg, Carmel