Mail thieves target Geist Marina


The Fishers Police Dept. is investigating mail theft from a mailbox at Geist Marina after staff realized checks had been stolen and fraudulently cashed in early February. 

A press release from the FPD said officers responded Feb. 8 to the marina, 11695 Fall Creek Rd., to investigate a reported mail theft. 

“It became obvious when a check cleared our account that something had gone on, and we knew we had put checks in our mailbox for outgoing mail,” said Nicole Buell, director of operations for Marina Limited Partnership, which operates marinas at Geist and Morse reservoirs. “We were able to get on our video camera and watch, and overnight that night we saw a car pull into our strip center, make a U-turn and go directly to the mailbox.” 

Buell said the marina’s outgoing checks to pay vendors and pay for supplies were stolen, as were incoming checks from customers paying for services.

Buell said a customer check was cashed at a bank on High School Road in Indianapolis, and a marina check to a vendor was cashed out of state. Buell declined to share the amount stolen.  

Buell said Geist Marina has given customers extra time to pay for services while they settled matters with their bank. 

“We made sure we did some posts on Facebook as well as an email blast to all of our regular customers to let them know the issue so people have the option to not mail payments,” she said.  

Buell said if a customer has had a check fraudulently cashed, they should open a case report with the FPD to work with their bank for a refund. 

Geist Marina is changing to a locked mailbox and no longer puts outgoing checks in the mail. As for incoming checks, marina doesn’t receive mail on weekends when it is closed. When the marina is open, Buell watches for mail and meets the mail carrier so checks aren’t placed in the mailbox. 

Buell said in several instances when mail was stolen, different vehicles were used. 

The FPD press release states anyone with information regarding the thefts to contact Det. Dean Mucha at 317-595-3330.