Oberer’s Flowers to celebrate expanded space in Carmel, 100 years selling flowers


By Chris Bavender

Oberer’s Flowers in Carmel has a new home – a “sprawling” 5,000-square-foot space that is 40 percent larger than its previous location, according to store manager Bri Hewitt.

“Business in Carmel has been growing for us by leaps and bounds thanks to our amazing customers,” Hewitt said. “We’ve been literally bursting at the seams the past several years, so when a larger space became available, we jumped at the opportunity.”

The shop has been in the Carmel community since 2010. For 10 1/2 it was a neighbor to Roberts Camera shop until it merged with its downtown Indy location. That provided Oberer’s the opportunity to take over Roberts’ space.

“We started from the ground up, creating a whole new experience. (I’m) super excited about our huge walk-in cooler, (which is) almost the entire size of our previous store,” Hewitt said. “We reimagined and brought to life a fully branded creative environment featuring new design tables for our flower classes and designers, counters, display fixtures and added a heritage wall that features historical photos from our humble beginning, 100 years ago.”

The move into the new space happed two days after Valentine’s Day.

“All of this while we watched in amazement as our new store was under construction,” Hewitt said. “We were ready for upgrades across the board. Customers love our new look and are raving about the expanded fresh flower inventory and displays inside the cooler.”

CIC DOUGH 0315 Oberers 2
Oberer’s Flowers recently expanded at 12761 Old Meridian St. in Carmel. (Photo courtesy of Oberer’s Flowers)

Oberer’s will host a grand reopening beginning at 7 a.m. March 23.

“We’ll be giving away thousands of full flower arrangements as our way of saying thank you to Carmel for the loyal support. Our hope is to help people experience the feeling of receiving a flower gift,” Hewitt said. “If you are in need of some beautiful blooms, keep them for yourself, and if you know of someone that would love some beauties, by all means help us spread the smiles.”

Oberer’s also celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. The company started growing vegetables in the 1800s in Ohio and in 1922 began growing and selling flowers exclusively.

“Our business has truly ballooned over a century in business, and thankfully along the way we’ve become friends with some of the world’s best growers,” Hewitt said. “Today virtually all of our products are grown and harvested by relationships forged truly from all over the world.”

And relationships are important to Oberer’s.

“Our foundation is wholly built on providing the best possible experience with flowers in all ways, always. We’re on a mission to flower our corner of the world,” Hewitt said. “Our values are old-fashioned and believe that when you provide people with the most awesome flowers, ensure the best possible price and wrap it all up with a smile, folks will come from near and far.”

Learn more at oberers.com/delivery-info/indianapolis-indiana-florist.