Letter: Communities deserve transparency from school districts



Mr. Rowe’s letter to the editor of March 1 summarizes the American school curriculum issue perfectly. It’s not that taxpayers and parents typically have mastery of skills in teaching and education, any more than plumbing or flying a plane. Our funding, our being the customer, our most precious asset(s) subject to the expertise of a school system demands transparency.

Racism is evil and no better if practiced by the Chinese with the Uyghurs or dressed-up and historically reversed in American school curricula. Indeed, as Rowe stated, “All people have advantages and disadvantages for a whole multitude of reasons and should be respected simply for being human beings.”

In a global and collective context, American school systems devote a lot of funding for relatively modest results. By no means is this typically the fault of hardworking and dedicated teachers. If we don’t focus on academics and let parents make the call on morality, we fail statistically, competitively and societally.

Full disclosure: I’m white, retired and my kids are grown up and educated elsewhere. However, I think Mr. Rowe’s perspective is correct and he would make an excellent school board candidate, if interested.

David Crutchfield, Carmel