Letter: Safety efforts put animals in danger



I applaud the Carmel Police Dept. for the rescue of the deer that was mentioned in the letter to the editor in the Feb. 8 edition of Current in Carmel.

Now, I would like to admonish all homeowners who have the spikes on their privacy fences. What if the deer had been over just a bit and gotten impaled on the spikes? A real different situation would have unfolded.

I know of two instances of tragedy concerning the spikes that are designed to keep intruders out. In one, the deer was impaled on three spikes, had bled out and was dead by the time the homeowner found it. In the second, the deer was still alive and struggling horribly to try and get free while doing damage to internal organs and bleeding out. Fortunately, a conservation officer arrived fairly quickly and immediately dispatched the deer.

Please consider that we share this planet with other Earthlings and in our quest to remain “safe” are totally neglecting the tragic consequences that can arise from such things as spikes on fences.

Dan Rice, Carmel