Carmel law firm’s billboard makes pitch for MVP to consider Colts


If Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is looking for a new home, Joseph Wade wants him to know many fans would love to see him In an Indianapolis Colts uniform.

Wade, the founding attorney of Wade Law in Carmel, has rented a digital billboard near the main entrance of the Indiana State Fairgrounds. It reads “#IndyWantsRodgers” and displays a Colts jersey with Rodgers’ name and 12 jersey number. The Indianapolis sign, which is near the main entrance of the Indiana State Fairgrounds, is marked as paid by Wade Law.

Rodgers, 38, who just won his fourth NFL Most Valuable Player award, is under contract with the Packers at least through 2022. But there is speculation he might try to get the Packers to trade him.

“This is our pitch to see if he’ll consider the City of Indianapolis,” Wade said.

The Carmel resident said he believes the Colts have the salary cap space to sign Rodgers and could free up more if they release quarterback Carson Wentz.

Indianapolis traded for Wentz before the 2021 season. Wentz’s struggles in the final half of the season have made many fans eager for the Colts to find another option. The Colts lost their final two games and failed to make the playoffs.

“Everyone in our firm is an avid Colts fan,” Wade said. “The idea was we love the City of Indianapolis, and we think he would, too. In our opinion, he would make the Colts a better team and a Super Bowl contender and bring more pride to the city. I definitely think it’s a stretch, but I think if we make a pitch, he just might do it. I think the Colts, in general, have a stout team outside of questionable quarterback play at the end of the year.

“We have some great players, and we don’t want to waste them. We want to pair them with a four-time MVP and see if he can be a five-time MVP.”

Wade said the billboard has drawn attention from national media, such as ESPN.

“We’ve got several phone calls from people appreciating the billboard,” Wade said. “We’ve got phone calls of people not so appreciative of Rodgers and his stances.”

Rodgers chose not to get the COVID-19 vaccination, originally telling the media he was immunized. Rodgers said he consulted with controversial podcast host Joe Rogan, after Rogan got COVID-19, and listened to his advice.

Rodgers is a frequent guest on former Colts punter Pat McAfee’s show. McAfee also has made a pitch for Rodgers to join the Colts.