Letter: Thanks to CPD for deer rescue



I want to give much-deserved accolades to the Carmel Police Dept. for a job well done.

(A few weeks ago), we heard a banging noise in our backyard and realized that a deer was caught on our neighbor’s fence. The poor buck got its leg pierced while jumping the 6-foot metal fence and was caught.

We called the non-emergency CPD phone number, and multiple CPD officers responded. Although this could have turned into a sad situation, the officers were committed to giving it their best efforts to rescue the animal. After about 40 minutes and multiple tactics, the deer was freed and jumped two more fences to run away.

Thank you to CPD for working so hard to achieve a positive outcome. You provided a wonderful example of public service for my children who were watching. We appreciate you.

Jason and Michelle Krcmery, Carmel