Column: It is time to take care of me


Commentary by Tom Weesner

December and another great Christmas!  A train engine from my parents and a train car from my grandparents. A simple gift with a big smile, a Coke and chocolates on the TV table. I long for the simplicity of those days …

Spring and another great birthday! A ball glove, a bat and playing catch with my dad and grandpa. I long for the simplicity of those days …

Summer break and freedom to play! Playing baseball in our court with neighborhood friends by day and at night, kick the can and flashlight tag. I long for the simplicity of those days … when staying fit was child’s play.

Why at this time of year am I focusing on these memories? They remind me of comfortable and healthy times – safe times when the world was taken care of by adults, and I was free to play, explore and run. Meals were on the table, friends were close and caring relatives and neighbors nearby. As I grew older, my parents were there for me when it was hard to move on. Good times, good memories. Now? I want to be there for my adult children and my grandchildren.    

So, it is time to take care of me. Not just for me, but for those who need or will need me in their lives. To others, this may seem easy. To me, it is overwhelming. As a kid, I didn’t have to think about exercising to stay healthy. I played baseball and ran around. Now, it is always on my mind. Despite the endless “shoulda, coulda, woulda,” mantras, getting started just makes sense.

Staying fit never gets old; it just gets more challenging. I’ll start with five minutes, and I bet, once I’m going, I’ll go a little more than that. I will find a friend to play catch with, walk up the street to one mailbox and add one each day, park a little further from the front door, or grab a friend and go to the gym. Playing and moving more will make the difference.

You can do this, too! Take the first step and find the right playground (gym) for you – fun, supportive and safe.

  Tom Weesner is the president of Motion 4 Life Fitness.