5 new roundabouts, Monon widening planned in Carmel this year


Five more roundabouts are set for construction in Carmel this year, along with upgrades to Smoky Row Road and improvements to the Monon Greenway near City Center.

Roundabouts scheduled for construction this year are:

  • Range Line Road and Medical Drive (45 days, on or after March 15)
  • Range Line Road and 116th Street (125 days, on or after May 1)
  • College Avenue and 106th Street (60 days, on or after June 1)
  • E. Main Street and Richland Avenue/4th Ave. E. (120 days, on or after May 26)
  • E. Main Street and Lexington Boulevard (120 days, on or after May 26)

Widening and other Improvements on Smoky Row Road are planned between the Monon Greenway and U.S. 31 in conjunction with the North End development. The 100-day project with a full road closure is expected to begin in late May. A Monon Greenway bridge replacement at Smoky Row Road is set to begin on or after June 1 and lead to a full closure of the trail in this area for 30 days.

Work to widen the Monon Greenway between City Center Drive and Carmel Drive is set to begin Jan. 17 and last for approximately 10 months. The project will include seating areas, gathering spaces, a tree-lined canopy and more.

The city will also continue burying utility lines along Veterans Way in Midtown, which will lead to partial road closures. A full closure at Main Street is expected in March.

Work to expand the Japanese Garden south of City Hall to Carmel Drive will resume this spring. The project, which includes improvements to the adjacent Monon Greenway, is expected to last until October.

Other projects include continued reconstruction of Range Line Road between Carmel Drive and 116th Street, a slip lane at Smoky Row Road and Keystone Parkway (45 days, on or after May 26), reconstruction of College Avenue between 96th Street to 106th Street (nine months, beginning on or after July 1), construction of a pathway along Gray Road between 106th and 116th Streets (90 days, date TBD) and reconstruction of 3rd Ave. SW between Elm Street and City Center Drive (180 days, date TBD).

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