Column: Art brings ‘return on enjoyment’


Here’s not a surprise. Most artists like to collect art. After all, your walls can only absorb so much of your own pieces without feeling a little too self-absorbed (note to self). And at some point, the “return on enjoyment” takes precedent over “return on investment” — although both have relevance.


A recent conversation with artist Pam Newell confidently verified these perspectives. I have the incredible luxury of meeting and speaking with lots of gifted artists all around the world, and her contagious enthusiasm and perspective are absolutely compelling. I can’t recall when I have been as excited about painting, collecting and writing about art than after my conversation with her. And her art is a beautiful reflection of that.

Check this out! She has a BFA from the University of Massachusetts; has been painting her entire life; considers C.W. Mundy a mentor; has taken classes from rock star artists across the country; and, wow, can she paint! Newell paints primarily with oil and occasionally pastels and describes her style as Impressionism/Realism infused with light and rich colors. Get a closer look at her works at Indiana Artisan, 22 N. Rangeline Road in Carmel, along with many others. Be certain to appreciate her florals!

Newell was especially excited when discussing several artists she admires but noticeably more when mentioning Dennis Perrin, Daniel Keys and Mundy, a few of whom she’s taken lesson from.

I’m curious. What sort of art do you have hanging on your walls? It all counts, from posters, prints, signed prints, originals paintings and sculptures. If you’re like me, they all evoke some sort of emotion and memory of a vacation, gallery walk or compelling artist interaction. And fantastic return on enjoyment!

Randy Sorrell, a Carmel artist, can be reached at 317-679-2565, [email protected] or