Letter: Indiana residents have had ‘INUF’



Despite vocal opposition from numerous organizations and citizens last session, Senate Bill 389 was approved by Indiana’s legislature. Why? Legislators only listened to the money of donors who wanted to build on our wetlands rather than to Hoosiers who wanted them protected.

Indiana’s citizens are tired of environmental mistreatment, and we are acting. In April, concerned citizens took it upon themselves to give the environment a long-overdue voice in Statehouse elections. We launched Indiana United for Our Future, a bipartisan political action committee, to change the makeup of the Statehouse — not from one party to another, but from an assembly ignoring our environment to one safeguarding it.

Since our October launch, we have raised over $10,000 and we’re excited to step into the 2022 elections as a new force upholding our future and the rights of our environment. If you too have had “INUF”, go to inuf.eco.

Ethan Stoehr, Carmel, vice chair of Indiana United for Our Future