Column: Make the most of every new day


Commentary by Lorene Burkhart

Every day arrives with new challenges and opportunities. Just for fun, I multiplied my years times 364 days (allows for leap years) to see how many days I have lived (31,668). It’s a bit overwhelming to think about how they have been used or wasted.

I think about my new great grandson, who is now about 5 months old. Every day for him means growing and developing his physical and mental being. Every day for me means shrinking or losing some of my physical and mental self. Ironic, isn’t it, that we spend the first part of our lives becoming fully developed and the last part watching it gradually diminishing as we go through the cycle of life.

Contemplating this from beginning to end creates pesky thoughts about what I did with all that time. Was my life purposeful? Did it make a difference beyond creating two new lives?

The challenge each day is to have a plan that will serve a meaningful purpose. It’s so easy to slide into habits that just sustain another day, but at the end of it, what can be said for its value?

My sons have always laughed about Mom’s daily list, but I’ve noticed that they organize their time using their electronic devices. I enjoy watching them employ some of the strategies that I’ve used to accomplish their goals.

Will I have just another 365 days, or will it stretch to another 1,000 (by then I’ll be 90)? We don’t know, but we can continue to do our best every day, stretching the hours to accomplish new goals.