Letter: What is the purpose of Unify Carmel?



Congratulations on the highly informative article on the Unify Carmel organization in the Nov. 9 issue. Alvin Lui, board president of the ironically named group, is quoted extensively and his statements are illuminating. The irony of the name would be hilarious if it weren’t for the toxicity that this group has brought to our school board meetings.

Lui is quoted as saying, “We understand that critical race theory is not a curriculum,” but he redirects his organization’s ire at diversity and inclusion and social and emotional learning. In reality, these are not vehicles for indoctrination by leftists Lui seems to see around every corner. Rather, they are essential for preparing our students to work with others from different backgrounds and for understanding and coping with their own social situations and emotional states. In my own work life, I have found the tools one builds in studying diversity and inclusion and social and emotional learning to be necessary to build and lead effective teams.

If diversity and inclusion and social and emotional learning are not as Lui says, “a Trojan horse for a lot of political indoctrination,” then what is the purpose of his organization? Is it a cynical ploy to motivate conservative voters to the polls or a delusional effort to slay an imaginary monster? Perhaps it’s both.

Chad Paavola, Carmel