Carmel High School’s Malpeddi wins another state title in doubles tennis 


Srisanth Malpeddi has racked up one more state title in his special high school tennis career.

The Carmel High School senior won the IHSAA state doubles title with junior Jack Jentz on Oct. 23 with a 6-4, 6-3 victory against Munster’s Daniel Sroka and Charles Morton at CHS. Malpeddi, who was a key member of the Greyhounds’ four consecutive team state championships, won the 2020 state doubles title with Jones McNamar, a 2021 graduate. McNamar had won the state doubles title with Uday Lomina in 2019.

“It was very exciting and satisfying to win a second straight state title,” Malpeddi said. “There are not that many people that have done it, and I am honored to be a part of that small family.”

Malpeddi and Jentz finished 31-0 and didn’t drop a set all season.

“Srisanth in my opinion is the best doubles player in the state this year,” Carmel tennis coach Bryan Hanan said.

Hanan said Malpeddi and Jentz complemented each other very well. 

“Their chemistry was great, and Jack really stepped it up as well when the tournament started,” Hanan said. 

Hanan said the partners were dominant against a schedule that included playing every team ranked in the top 10. 

Malpeddi said the chemistry between the partners definitely improved as the season progressed.

“We both learned each other’s game really well, and I think that was a key for us performing so well,” he said.

Jentz said Malpeddi’s experience of winning doubles last season was a huge advantage.

“No matter who we were up against, they hadn’t won the doubles championship the year before, which gave us some confidence,” Jentz said. “The belief in our talents helped us get over nerves in the big matches.” 

Jentz said the possibility of not losing a set was something he thought about as the season went on but was not really a driving focus.

“I think we knew if we played to our best abilities we could win every match in straight sets,” Jentz said.

Malpeddi said he is considering playing tennis in college. Jentz, who played No. 3 singles as a sophomore, said he enjoys doubles as much if not more than singles.

“It was kind of my goal to play doubles this year since I find it to be more fun,” he said. “It always is nice to have a partner, and with the team environment, it’s even better.”