New Noblesville councilor calls himself “pretty conservative”


Dan Spartz said he never wanted to get into politics. But he’s the person precinct committeemen elected during a recent caucus to fill past District 4 Noblesville Common Councilor Wil Hampton’s seat after Hampton moved to Florida.

Spartz’s first meeting was Sept. 28.

“I’m semi-retired and was available, so I thought, ‘Well, OK,’” Spartz said. “I had a lot people asking me to do it.”

Spartz 58, was self-employed as a construction worker before he retired. He has lived in or near Noblesville since 1971. U.S. Rep. Victoria Spartz is Spartz’s sister-in-law.

“(The precinct committeemen) know what kind of a person I am,” Spartz said when asked why he thinks the precinct committeemen elected him.

Spartz describes himself as “pretty conservative.”

“I’ve always thought it’s more about doing what’s right for the people and having a smaller government and that kind of stuff,” he said.

Spartz will serve as the District 4 councilman until his term expires Dec. 31, 2023. He said he won’t run for the seat during the 2023 election.

“I’m still warming up. It’s baptism by fire,” he said. “I’m learning how the process works and learning what the duties and responsibilities of city councilmen are.”

In his free time, Spartz likes to spend time on his property in Strawtown and spend time with his five grandchildren and his wife, Jennifer.