At the table with Anna: Jim’s Amazing Bread


Where to go: Jim’s Amazing Bread


What to get: Bread

Price: $22 per two loaves

Anna’s take: One of the co-owners at Jim’s Amazing Bread reached out to me after I wrote a review on Native Bread, a dairy-, gluten- and egg-free product. Jim’s Amazing Bread is not certified gluten-free but is made with whole cell wheat. The wheat is gently crushed, which leaves the wheat cells intact, and therefore Jim’s Amazing Bread claims that its wheat doesn’t release proteins that would otherwise become gluten. According to the company, the bread is not gluten-free, but it does reduce the likelihood of gluten-related inflammation. The bread has only six ingredients – whole cell wheat, water, honey, flax, yeast and salt. I don’t have gluten sensitivity, so I couldn’t validate those claims, but the bread is good. Ideally, it should be toasted, then topped with whatever you prefer. I chose peanut butter and cinnamon. I was less impressed with the price – $22 for two loaves. The baking facility is in Indianapolis, but the bread can be bought online or at certain retailers.