Letter: A pandemic of disease, disinformation



The audacity of Unify Carmel members to act as if they speak for all Carmel parents. They do not! They are out-of-control, uncivil radicals who dare interrupt and take over a Sept. 27 school board meeting. Reportedly, they displayed a sign that read, “Parents will not be silenced!” Parents and students opposing Unify Carmel must not be silent. Those parents and students must learn, watch and take action against Unify Carmel. 

 Carmel, like the rest of America, has been going through a pandemic of disease and disinformation. Disinformation is prolonging the disease with refusals to mask up, social distance or vaccinate. If you want kids in school and test scores up, follow the science. 

I was a child when the Salk and Sabin vaccines came out to fight polio. People reveled in the science coming to save them. But in the last few years, Trumpian hoax and lie spreaders have blackballed science. Yes, science can err. It can also self-correct. Liars can’t! But now, even education is under attack! 

The disinformation censors want to take over schools and school boards! Book burning is literally back! Classroom discussions about real issues, such as historical racism, sexuality and bullying are the bane of groups like Unify Carmel. They must get a failing grade from Carmel! They shall not pass!

Bruce Braden, Carmel