Fortville woman hired to lead new Indiana Education Scholarship Account Program


In early September, when it was time for Indiana Treasurer of State Kelly Mitchell to  name an executive director for the brand-new Indiana Education Scholarship Account Program, Mitchell chose Jaclyn Guglielmo of Fortville.

“Her unique background, coupled with an instinctive knowledge of government processes, makes her an excellent choice to lead our new program,” Mitchell stated in a media release.

Guglielmo sees the executive director position as a “nice marriage” between her career and her personal experience.

“I’m a parent, I’ve been an educator, I’ve been a special educator, I’ve been a provider of services for children with special education needs, I’m a board-certified behavioral analyst so I come at it from a lot of different angles,” Guglielmo said.

The program, while new in Indiana is in effect in 11 other states.

Similar to a health savings account, the program allows parents of children with disabilities who choose not to enroll in public school, to receive a deposit of funds into government authorized scholarship accounts to be used for pre-approved eligible expenses related to their child’s education.

The account will be managed through a third-party vendor. The money could potentially be used for tuition and fees at a school that a parent of an eligible student feels best meets the needs of their child, as well as for programs, therapies and services outside of school in the private sector, as long as it is directly related to the therapeutic and educational needs of the child.

“I’m very passionate that students regardless of their abilities should be able to customize their education to be able to meet their needs and set themselves up for the most success possible,” Guglielmo said.

Originally from New York, she lived in Boston where she was a program director for applied behavioral analysis in Boston Public Schools. She moved to Fortville three years ago when her husband took an internal promotion at Roche.