Letter: Has CCS chosen against half those it must serve?



Let’s be blunt: Half the community does not want DEI/SEL/CRT in our schools and the other does. That division has materialized as a battle within our community, and indeed around the country. CCS is obligated to serve all of us, not half.

The concerned half asked CCS many questions and now has ample documentation of conflicting, dismissive and evasive responses. CCS removed a sentence from policy 5416 that gave parents the right to inspect instructional materials. Why should CCS even have a policy that says what it will or won’t show us?

After Ms. Pam Knowles announced her retirement, many predicted that CCS would help put Nicki McNally into the vacant seat (from 13 applicants, she is one of the four finalists). Among her many liberal activist activities, McNally publicly commented in social media to describe the concerned half of our community as fear-mongering, spreading misinformation and “attackers” of DEI. This attitude cannot be accepted anywhere in our schools, let alone on the board.

If CCS appointed Ms. McNally it would be continuing its disconcerting trend — and we must continue organizing to replace them in the next election.

Dave Hommel, Carmel