At the table with Anna: Ezra’s Enlightened Café


Where to go: Ezra’s Enlightened Café

Address: 6516 Ferguson St., Indianapolis

What to get: Rosemary sweet potato bowl

Price: $10.50

Anna’s take: I admit that usually I am a meat eater, but I truly didn’t notice the lack of meat in the dish I ordered at Ezra’s Enlightened Café in Broad Ripple. All items are vegan and gluten-free, which makes it a safe bet for anyone who tries to avoid dairy or eggs. The rosemary sweet potato bowl was refreshing and filling, with a healthy serving of quinoa for protein and tons of fresh greens. Pepitas provided a nice crunch. It was topped with cooked sweet potato, creamy avocado, fermented veggies and a rich cashew cheese that felt like a salad dressing but was delicious all the same. Ezra’s also has plenty of smoothie options for those craving something cold.