At the table with Anna: Trailhead Naturals


Editor’s note: The next several At the Table with Anna columns will spotlight gluten-free items.

Where to go: Trailhead Naturals

Address: Available online or at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market

What to get: Chocolate muffins

Price: $9

Anna’s take: Prior to exploring local options for gluten-free items, I was bummed to find lots of those bakery items were dry and dense. However, that hasn’t been the case with the local spots, specifically Trailhead Naturals. I tried the chocolate muffins ($9 for a box of four) and could hardly believe that the decadent treats were gluten-free and only sweetened with dates. I also was incredibly impressed with the blueberry muffins, which practically melt in your mouth, and the tahini fudge ($6 for a 4 oz. serving). The fudge was very chocolatey and full of delicious surprises, like cashews and goji berries. For the nonsweet crowd, try the falafels ($6). They’re baked, which makes them gluten-free, and are made from garbanzo beans and packed with herbs and spices. Trailhead Naturals’ products also are 100 percent plant based, so it’s a safe place to order if you’re vegan.

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