Havana Nights soiree to benefit Fountains of Hope nonprofit

CIC COM 0914 Fountains of Hope
A Haitian child cleans out a bowl with purified water. (Photo courtesy of Bill Farrar)

Fountains of Hope’s mission is to provide safe water purification systems in places such as Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, India, and Haiti.

Carmel resident Bill Farrar founded Fountains of Hope International in July 2009.

The nonprofit aims to raise funds for its mission with the second Havana Nights Whiskey, Rum, Craft Beer and Cigar Soiree, which is set for 6 to 10 p.m. Sept. 24 at The Bridgewater Club, 3535 E 161st St., Westfield.

There will be exotic bourbon whiskey and a “smoothly delicious” 15-year-old rum, Farrar said. Caribbean casual attire is encouraged for the adults-only fundraiser. A meal of grilled burgers and brats will be provided. Cost is $50 per person. Tickets can be purchased at HavanaNights.us.

“Attendees will be invited to help fund water purifiers, pallets of food, schoolteachers for $50 or $100 recurring gifts,” Farrar said. “Amazingly, $100 funds an entire classroom of up to 30 students to attend school for free, one nutritious meal a day, plus pays for their teacher’s monthly salary in Haiti. We are hoping to raise $100,000 from this evening to help the most marginalized children attend school. You can make a donation at HavanaNights.US if you are not able to attend in person.”

The first Havana Nights was held outdoors at The Bridgewater Club because of COVID-19 pre-cautions. It raised more than $42,000 for the nonprofit.

“It was our biggest fundraiser last year,” Farrar. “Our gala was canceled due to being indoors where we typically raise over $100,000.”

Farrar has been on 79 mission trips since 2008.

“Fountains of Hope has installed 240 water purifier systems, each being the equivalent of a miniature water treatment facility,” said Farrar, a 1978 Carmel High School graduate and aviation technology graduate from Purdue. “One system typically has two 600- or 1,000 gallon-tanks that can provide safe water for thousands of people on a daily basis. We can purify 3,600 gallons of water per hour using only a quarter cup of salt, water and a 12-volt battery. Through electrolysis, chlorine gas is produced that kills microorganisms and diseases such as cholera, typhoid, guardia and E. coli and saves thousands of lives.”

For more, visit FountainsOfHope.org.