Characters of Carmel: Meet journalist Pooja Garg

CIC COM 0914 CoC Pooja

Commentary by Shelly Gattlieb

As an Indiana transplant, Pooja Garg has found a way of meeting new people and making meaningful connections. She was born and raised in Minnesota but lived in California, New York and New Jersey before her husband, Ashish, accepted a job offer at Eli Lilly and Co.

Garg uses an Instagram account, socialmediamumma, to post scenic views of Carmel as well as community events and has quickly gained many followers. In addition, she is a team member of Carmel Social Media, highlighting area activities and attractions.

Garg’s passion is to inspire others through journalism and connecting people, encouraging collaboration, emphasizing diversity and bridging the Indian community with other residents of Carmel. Her daughter, Avika, is a kindergarten student at College Wood Elementary and often explores with her mom.

Education: University of Minnesota, business marketing education

Journalism experience: Writer for Asian American Press, Minnesota correspondent for India Post

Hates with a passion: Driving

Name meanings: Pooja – prayer; Ashish – blessing; Avika – charismatic

Favorite Carmel restaurant: Bru Burger Bar

Pregnancy craving: Cream cheese bagels

Most memorable interview: Kumar Sanu

Great experience: Being a member of Barack Obama’s campaign team

Go-to drink: Coffee, medium brew with a tiny bit of milk

Message to others: Don’t give up, always be persistent

Role model journalist: Lester Holt

Favorite time of year: all of winter but especially December, when she shares a birthday week with her daughter

House rules: no jumping on the sofa, no gadgets at the dinner table

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