Opinion: Losing my will to win


Alas, I may be losing my competitive spirit. Not when it comes to important matters, of course, like defeating my husband Doo in all manner of life’s trials or upholding my school’s championship karaoke legacy (let’s go, 400 Hallway!), but in my own ambition for peak athletic performance. As I near that half-century mark, I’m starting to feel less and less drive to “be the best,” even when it only means beating three other almost-50-year-old ladies.

This change may not sound like a big deal, unless you know me. I have always been that person who wants to win or at least achieve a PR. I gave up running for a while when I was in the middle of having kids, but since then, I’ve found restored energy and self-confidence in participating in road races, triathlons and even obstacle course events. They affirm my strength and power as a woman and a mom.

But lately, I’ve been thinking that I just want to finish without suffering a stroke. I want to enjoy the challenge for what it is and be happy with the fact that I trained for and completed something. Who cares if I place last in my age group? I’m not sure I do anymore. Yay, me! I’m fostering a healthy growth mindset and gaining perhaps a tad bit of humility. My new attitude is not simply an acceptance of my physical limits but a celebration of what this near-AARP body can accomplish, despite the bad knees, periodic incontinence and annoying plantar fasciitis.

So, yes, I may be losing my competitive spirit, but definitely in a good way.

Peace out.