Letter: Green House Cottages experience not as described 



We, the families of residents living at the Green House Cottages of Carmel, were quite surprised to read your May 25 article celebrating their fifth anniversary. Owner Jeff Langston sang the praises of the Green House philosophy, which sadly does not exist at this facility. Staffing is not as described but mostly temporary agency staff; there are not three CNAs; there is not an RN for every two cottages; CNAs do not stay in the same cottages and rarely know the elders; there were 21 cases of COVID-19.

The facility is failing to meet minimum state requirements, let alone the Green House standards we were promised when we each signed our contract and paid our money. They were given the sacred trust of caring for human beings, our loved ones, and they are failing. We have followed the proper channels to contact, inform and work with management to improve conditions, without results.

After the article, we wrote a letter to the “hands-off-by-design” owners who did not give us the courtesy of a reply. A great first step would be providing well-trained permanent staff that stay in the same cottage and develop authentic relationships between caregivers and elders. We ask the owners to stand and deliver what they promised. We ask Current in Carmel to fact check their stories.

View Indiana State Dept. of Health Long Term Care Consumer Reports at https://isdh.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=ce9b358f567b49198bcf202133c49da7.

The Family Council of the Green House Cottages of Carmel