Weston’s Appliance opens new location in Hamilton Town Center

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(From left) Weston’s Appliances general manager Ron Baldwin and Owner Lane Ely inside the store’s newest location in Hamilton Town Center. (photo by Jonathan Matthes)

Weston’s Appliance recently opened a new store in Noblesville.

The store is in Hamilton Town Center, 14120 Brooks School Rd., Suite 100. It officially opened on Aug. 26.

Weston’s Appliance, which originated in Anderson, also recently expanded to Muncie.

Weston’s Appliance is owned by Fishers resident Lane Ely. The store’s general manager, Ron Baldwin, is pleased with the company’s growth.

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The view inside the Hamilton Town Center where Weston’s Appliance lives up to it’s name by only selling and focusing on appliances.

“We’re on our third store in three or four years. It’s going really well,” Baldwin said. “The only reason people went to those big-box stores (to buy appliances) is because they didn’t have a more local option.”

Hamilton Town Center brings Weston’s Appliance closer to home for Ely but, more important, provides an opportunity to grow into a new market, which is suddenly Weston Appliance’s largest.

“This is our biggest store, by far,” Ely said. “We have more product in here than any other of our stores. This is our flagship now.”

Ely and Baldwin were former hhgregg employees, working as installation experts for the company’s appliances. They decided to open their own appliance store after hhgregg filed for bankruptcy in 2017. Their focus is on quality products and customer service.

“If you call (a big-box store) you’ll get, ‘Hold, please,’ and it will ring and ring and ring,” Ely said. “Then the person who answers was in lumber or plumbing the day before, When you call here, you’ll get someone who knows appliances, only works in appliances and can help you.”

Weston’s does not outsource installation to third parties.

“We don’t contract anything out. We know who is going to your house to help you,” Baldwin said. “Delivery and installation were all I did when I was with hhgregg. If we look bad installing your appliances, that’s not going to make you want to come back to us. The delivery guy is the last person the customer works with, so they have to be on point to make sure the customer has a good experience.”

For more, visit westonsappliance.com.