Column: Make the switch to daily disposables


Commentary by Hannah Wilson

Despite the fact that daily disposable contact lenses have been around since the mid-90s, only one-third of contact lens patients wear them today. The majority of contact lens wearers still replace their lenses on a biweekly or monthly basis. Research shows, however, that dailies are safer and healthier than other modalities, all while requiring no maintenance.

As the name suggests, daily disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn for a single use and then discarded, making cleaning and storage unnecessary. A fresh lens inserted into the eye each day is less likely to accumulate deposits, which minimizes the risk of infection. This is more pertinent than ever in today’s pandemic world. Less lens buildup also results in superior comfort. This is especially true for patients who suffer from seasonal allergies or dry eye.

If you’re wondering whether daily disposable contacts are available in your prescription, the answer is likely yes. Thanks to constant innovation from the contact lens industry, dailies are available in a wide variety of parameters, making them a viable option for the grand majority of patients. Finally, if you are concerned about waste, contact lenses and their blister packs can be recycled via a special program at many optometry offices.

Two-thirds of monthly contact lens wearers report that they experience discomfort. Why suffer when a safer alternative is readily available? Schedule a contact lens evaluation with your optometrist to be fit in daily disposable contact lenses today.

Dr. Hannah Wilson is an optometrist at RevolutionEYES and Little Eyes Pediatric Eye Care in Carmel. She is happy to answer any questions regarding family vision needs and can be reached at [email protected].